Cities are like humans, there would not be such time, until it fades away, and their lovers, go away, as it never had been the desired.

The city is just watching what its coming habitants doing, getting sick and dying, being covered with black mourning, without thinking about revenge, it has to get up after each strike, even when it is hard to do so. It is still neutral, without hatred.

This time the strike was fatal, it was hard for the city to be neutral, it abandoned cultures, joint living, beautiful times, as it forget or try to forget emotions of the old photos, and a two lovers’ walking in the old city, it came against memories, the past  laughter became mind devils’.

Gaziantep, did not want to be away, it wanted to live what its son is living, it borrowed a sad face to wear, without caring about others’ opinions, it is just practicing freedom of transferring between seasons, sad as a winter is hopeful of its coming spring, thirsty to be recreated with Summer rhythms,  pessimistic as Autumn.

Cities die and no one cares, no one wants even to bury them, it just dies and falls, and as it falls everything  fades away. No one feels cities’ death, as their hearts stop beating, no one could see the bullet came through, a slight singe comes across their bodies, predicting of something not happening well, this is the maximum reaction (that or which) could happen.

Gaziantep, is full of sadness making it hard to breathe, as asthma was spread through a sand storm infected all people around, visible and invisible death smell is all around, the city became a one hanged on the wall, signed with black, contained  all_ the killers and tombs holders_ contained coming corps, and this who is calling for death, day and night, waiting for a sign to attack.

Gaziantep, is a wide tomb, embracing   a killer and a killed, a criminal and an innocent, who justifies  killing, and rules on its habitants the ever death.

Nothing left except for  floating corps on the surface, nothing except for mobile tombs waiting for an undertaker compassionate( to  give) them a hole, nothing except for  DEATH, smashing a child, a dream, or a hope, whatever!

All what is has is DEATH, there is no light in the end of the tunnel, there is no bridge for passing corps, as they have no weight on the ground, DEATH is all what Gaziantep is producing, time stopped passing it, there is no life, no smile, no ball running in its neighborhoods, embracing a forgotten future which was one day full of life.

As humans die, cities die, die with farewell, die due to desires of dominating souls , since soul equals soul, and all the left, just changes. cities die, and need long time to revive, if it managed to revive. However, killing wounds stay scares digging past, and destroying future, if it exists someday.

Cities die, and they do not appear in our virtual life, closed eyes, paled faces. Cities do not give us death announcements of the ones who rest in peace, they die silently, no one knows  whether the killer is the lover or the beloved, they  die silently and no one recognizes, until they become life-empty bodies.